Tales from the (Pacific) Crest*

Hi, it's me, natpen! I'm going to be taking a sabbatical in 2019 to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. There's a sideways picture of it below, but it basically means I've signed up to walk from Mexico to Canada. I'm excited, nervous, and grateful for Andy's encouragement to actually do it.

The way it works is that you start in the south when it gets warm enough, and try to finish before it gets too cold in the north. We'll probably start late March.

If you'd like updates from along the way, please let me know, because I'll probably send them via... email?!

* yes, the title is a reference to a sorta cheesy horror black comedy TV series from when I was a kid. I promise I'll try and keep bad puns to the bear minimum if you sign up. Hahahaha, get it, bears? Okay, terribly sorry, I'm already not doing well on this promise.