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Deduplicating Email with Mutt

The good: Mutt can do basically everything. The bad: it’s not very discoverable. The solution: here, have another blog post.

Building a Plant Watering Robot

Due to some holiday travel, some big, unwieldy plants in the apartment, and a pandemic making all of humanity skittish around itself (eek!), we found ourselves brainstorming an automated way to water said plants. We eventually came to the conclusion that it would be easy enough and cheap enough to build a little waterbot for this with a Raspberry Pi.

Recreating my blog with Emacs Lisp

So continues my series of attempts to recreate my blog using various languages of technologies; this edition might just be my favorite yet, with Emacs Lisp and Org-mode.

Recreating my blog with Guile Scheme

I’m beginning to think I may enjoy recreating my blog with different technologies more than I actually enjoy blogging! So, here’s an account of my latest blog re-creation with Guile Scheme and Haunt.

Word Definition Popups

One thing I really like on osx, but miss on Linux, is the thing where you three-finger tap a word to look up its definition. It’s really nice to be able to get the definition so easily, without having to context switch, open up a new tab, or anything. So I set out to try and replicate the functionality myself!

Last Drawing of 2019

Today I gave my Dad a drawing I did of him. I’ve done this in prior years, and I was really excited to put all my recent practice to use and give him a great drawing this year. It’s probably the most time I’ve spent on an individual drawing, ever, and I’m super pleased with the end result!

Drawing Practice 7

Drawing Practice 6

Drawing Practice 5

Drawing Practice 4

Drawing Practice 3

Drawing Practice 2

Drawing Practice 1

pct Update #10 - canada!

Well, this update comes to you from beautiful Canada, just beyond the northern terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail. Six months and several thousand miles of hiking later, we’ve finally reached the other end of this adventure. I have a lot of thoughts and emotions right now, but first let me catch you up on the last 400 miles of hiking since I sent out the previous update!

pct Update #9 - The last of Oregon!

This update comes to you from… drumroll… the beautiful state of Washington! Since I last wrote, we’ve wended our way through the stunning northern half of Oregon, enjoyed The long-awaited Decline of the Mosquito, and witnessed the mountains grow ever more imposing, the vistas ever more panoramic.

pct Update #8 - Oregon

This update comes to you from halfway through Oregon! We’re in the town of Bend, and it’s one of our favorite stops on the pct so far. It’s also the first real town we’ve been in since the last update in Ashland, which was over 250 miles and 2 weeks ago. Hard to believe!

pct Update #7 - The last of California

Goodbye California, hello Oregon! California sure provided a lot of miles of blood, sweat, tears, and laughter, but we’re excited to be moving on to state number two out of three in this trek, for some well-deserved change of scenery.

pct Update #6 - Tahoe Ho!

Well, we made it to Lake Tahoe at mile 1195. Tahoe, of course, lies to the the south of where I last sent you an update (Dunsmuir at mile 1501). Look, ma, we’re southbounders!

pct Update #5 - Northern California

This update comes to you from mile 1501, which may seem a bit ludicrous given that only a few short weeks ago, my last update came to you from mile 652. Well, I’m here to spin you a tale of how we got here, and you’re in for a treat, because it involves not just the usual hiking, but also trains and cruise ships!

pct Update #4 - The Desert

We’ve made it to Walker Pass, and hitched into the nearby town of Ridgecrest. It’s mile 652, which means we’ve completed over 20% of this trek to Canada! This is also the final update with “the desert” in the subject line; north of us lie the Sierra Nevadas and other such interesting parts of the trail.

pct Update #3 - The Desert

This update comes to you from the rocking chair on the back porch of Hiker Heaven at mile 454. There’s a cool afternoon breeze, the occasional chirping bird, and a calm, relaxing banjo melody coming from somewhere near. It’s soothing, relaxing, and idyllic in all the ways the last 180 miles of hiking weren’t!

pct Update #2 - The Desert

This update comes to you from Big Bear Lake at mile 266. It’s been about 150 miles since the last update. We’ve started to settle into a rhythm - pack camp, breakfast, hike, 2nd breakfast, hike, lunch, hike, snack, hike, dinner and socialize, bed by 8pm (affectionately known as “hiker midnight”).

pct Update #1 - The Desert

We’ve wended our way 110 miles northbound along the trail (out of 2650!). I’m writing this from a real bed, in a real room, with a real shower. Magical.

A hike, from Mexico to Canada

Please fasten your hip belts, stow your tables (and chairs, and beds, and the rest of your furniture), and ensure your backpacks are in their upright, locked position. It’s time for an adventure 🌞🏜️🏞️🐿️