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Drawing Practice 1

I’ve been dreaming of being able to draw well for at least twenty years. I’ve successfully delayed putting any effort towards this dream for… hmm, let’s see, at least twenty years! There’s something about being able to capture the life and vibrancy of the human form on a simple sheet of paper that I find really beautiful. While on sabbatical this year, I decided I should actually give it a shot. On my first day drawing, I did a few contour exercises, as instructed by The Natural Way to Draw, by Kimon Nicolaides.


The way you do these contour drawings is to look at your paper, put your pencil on a point, then look away from the paper, and at what you’re drawing, until you pick the pencil up to start a new contour. So you’re never actually looking at the paper when the pencil is moving. The book tells me to imagine as hard as I can that the pencil is literally touching and tracing the contours of the subject itself. It’s hard!


Materials Used: cheap sketchbook and #2 pencil